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Elizabeth Minogue

Elizabeth Minogue

Liz’s personal philosophy is “always do the right thing by people” and is committed to getting the very best outcome available when representing you.


Liz moved to Ballarat to be closer to family following the passing of her parents. Liz currently lives in Smythesdale with her partner and 3 children and 2 step-children (aged 6-25) whilst renovating their home.


During her career Liz has held multiple positions that ensure Liz is in prime position to have an outstanding real estate career; multiple managerial positions, home furnishings and design, lending underwriting and mortgages which all make Liz uniquely qualified to truly understand all the steps a person must take when purchasing a home. Not to mention Liz has also renovated numerous homes in the greater Melbourne and Ballarat areas. Trust us when we say, “She gets what you’re going through”.


Liz has always had a passion for business and the real estate world and started studying conveyancing for 6 months until realising her true passion as a real estate Sales Consultant and has not looked back since. Like the tenacious person that Liz is, Liz then embarked on the journey to obtain her agent accreditation and would worry about finding a job later.


After 15 months in the real estate industry in a role which saw Liz matching buyers with sellers and doing all the hard work in the background, Liz was ready to advance into sales and started undertaking extensive research to find the correct brand that fit her personal morals and values which has lead Liz to none other than Harcourts Ballarat. Liz was sold after reading the first sentence in Harcourts’ Philosophy…”Successfully buying and selling real estate is mostly about fulfilling people’s needs, dreams and aspirations” and it only gets better from there.



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